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Making the dream of flying around the world with a solar powered satellite controlled airship is only possible with the help of people who are experts in their fields.

To start with you need an airship. An airship made with the latest textile technology to contain the gas used to lift the airship and with the knowlegde of airship design to redesign a conventional petrol powered one. A solar powered version need to utilise all available energy in the most efficient manner. New and larger propellers have more than doubbled the thrust. 

Shunli Xu director and owner of Shanghai Vanatage Airhsip Manufacutrer Co. Ltd. shares the dream and has redesigned and built the the electric airship.

You also need solar panels with a excelent power to weight ratio. Patrik Swanljung who started Aurinco had his team handcraft the panels we now use. Learn more about Aurinco at

Propellers, you don´t get far without them. Did you know that propelleres become more efficient the larger they get? With the same energy input the efficency increases with size? So we need large propellers. Our propellers are also made by order. Managed by Anne Lavrand the team at Helices-e-props make some very impressive pieces. Read more at

Motors, some that will last hour after hour, day after day, week after week, - unfailingly. Strong enough and light enough to be our choice. Trevor at the Lynch Motor Company Ltd. was a great support. Look into what they are doing at There is a change coming. You can see it now.



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